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Innovative Medical Supplies, LLC, a San Diego, California-based medical supply company, sells and supports Advanced Tear Diagnostic’s TearScan 300 – a Point-of-Care (POC) immuno-diagnostic lab testing system.

ATD’s tests are currently being used to improve patient care in the areas of dry eye, ocular immunology, ocular allergy and ocular surgery, including LASIK.

The Problem

Dry Eye Disease and Allergic Conjunctivitis are both long-recognized clinical conditions, and both can manifest deceptively similar symptoms.

The symptoms of differing ocular disorders, each having different underlying causes and treatments, closely mimic each other. Is it Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye? Is it Evaporative Dry Eye? Is there an allergic component to the presenting condition?

Until now, there has been no objective way for ophthalmic clinicians to determine a specific cause, leading to a “try this-try that” approach to treatment. This is less than ideal and often leads to multiple office visits searching for an effective treatment.

The Solution

ATD’s TearScan 300

The solution to this problem is the ATD TearScan 300 micro-assay system, available exclusively from IMS. This compact, inexpensive lab testing device can fit easily into any working clinical practice, with a footprint about the size of a toaster.

The TearScan uses cartridge-mounted test strips to process very small samples of collected tear fluid (0.5 L) and tests for the concentration of Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin E (IgE). Lactoferrin can confirm, or rule out, Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye Disease and the IgE test can confirm, or rule out, the presence of an ocular allergen.

The clinical benefits of the ATD system include:

  • Diagnostic Accuracy: Specificity of all ATD tests exceeds 96%
  • Improved Patient Care: Quantitative tests are confirmatory, allow for the grading of severity and management of treatment efficacy
  • Efficient: Tests are simple, rapid and reproducible
  • FDA Approved: First POC system to receive FDA approval for the diagnostic testing of tears
  • Reimbursable: Tests are reimbursable under CPT codes authorized by the American Medical Association and the American College of Pathology

Reimbursable by Medicare
and Private Insurance

Lactoferrin Test – CPT Code 83520

IgE Allergy Test – CPT Code 82785

For the Professional

As an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist you might ask:

“I know my patient has Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). But what is the cause? Is it Evaporative Dry Eye or Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye? Is there an Allergic Component?”

Only Advanced Tear Diagnostics has Point-of-Care tests that assist in making the correct differential diagnosis as well as assessing treatment efficacy.

How It Works


Tears from each eye are collected and deposited on two test strips in a standard cassette.


The photometer “looks” at how the samples have reacted with the strips.


One test reports back the observable Lactoferrin concentration in the tears, looking for the low levels associated with Dry Eye Disease.

The other test measures IgE , looking for clinical levels associated with confirming Ocular Allergies.

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