Instant Financing Available

Conserve your working capital and make monthly payments as you earn money from your new TearScan 300 MicroAssay System. You’re approved instantly with no documentation required and can complete the order with E-Docs in just minutes.

TearScan™ 300 MicroAssay

System Only – $6,985 – for as little as

$329/mo. for 24 months or

$230/mo. for 36 months

IgE and Lactoferrin Cartridges - Innovative Medical Supplies

Starter Bundle:

System + 25 Lactoferrin Cassettes

+ 25 IgE Cassettes – $8,013 for as little as

$379/mo. for 24 months or

$265/mo. for 36 months

  • Instant credit review / approvals from $500 – $15,000 for good to poor/limited credit
  • Start-ups welcomed
  • No previous business credit required
  • Instant electronic documents allowing you to complete the order in minutes
  • No cost to apply and no inquiry on your credit report (“Soft Pull” only)
  • Tax benefits: write the monthly lease payments off as an operating expense
  • Transactions over $15,000 may require additional information and standard underwriting times

Lease to own structures ($0 Buyout) for 24 and 36 months. Rates vary according to credit strength and are subject to change until final approval and signed documentation. $299 documentation fee due at signing, first monthly payment is due 30 days after funding.

For questions or details call 917-825-9626 or email

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